Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of your wines vegan?

Yes! 100%

What is your commitment to sustainability?

We worked really hard to set our little brand up making the best choices we can.

We are proud to say that both the Springs Hill Vineyard and Bowyer Ridge Vineyard are now certified sustainable by Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

The facility we use to make our wines at has also achieved this level of certification.

When it came to selecting the packaging we use, we made a considered effort to support local Australian manufacturers - minimising the carbon miles of importing these items from overseas and more importantly for us - supporting local Australian jobs.

Our glass bottles, cartons and labels are made locally in South Australia. Our screw caps are made in Victoria.

When we ship wines from Paralian HQ we are using biodegradable packing tape and shipping labels.

We are always looking out for new ways we can improve - drop us a line if you have any ideas for us!

Do you have a cellar door?

Unfortunately we don't have a cellar door yet.

If you'd like to taste our wines please follow us on instagram or sign up to our newsletter and you will hear of any pop up tastings we may be doing somewhere near you!

What is your privacy policy?

Our full privacy policy can be viewed via this link