Have your very own selection of wine delivered to your door twice a year. Minimum effort, maximum glow!

You can choose from a 6 bottle delivery or 12 bottle delivery. Tiered discounts apply.

First pack will ship right away. From then onward packs will be sent out in May and November (see FAQ below).

Stay safe, wear sunscreen!

  • SPF 6+

    Enjoy 6 bottles of your choice delivered twice a year with 10% off. Your membership also includes 10% off any further purchases through our website whilst you are still a subscriber.

    Select 6 pack subscription 
  • SPF 12+

    Enjoy 12 bottles of your choice delivered twice a year with 15% off. Your membership also includes 15% off any further purchases through our website whilst you are still a subscriber.

    Select 12 pack subscription 

The things you ought to know...


How do I join the wine club?

Step 1 - choose your membership level- SPF 6+ (6 bottles delivered every 6 months) or SPF 12+ (12 bottles delivered every 6 months).

Once selected, click through to the appropriate link.

Step 2 - You'll be taken to a page where you can build your box - please select the required number of wines. You will notice a progess bar above the wines showing how many bottles you have added/how many are required.

Once the number is reached you will be able to click through to the 'Next Step'

Step 3 - Click 'Next Step' and review your wine selection.

If all is well, proceed to the checkout.

Step 4 - Checkout as per normal. You will be required to check a box to make sure you understand that your order is 'recurring'.

Step 5 - Sit back and relax! We will take care of the rest.

When will my wine club orders ship?

Your initial order will be packed and sent right away.

Subsequent deliveries will fall into our regular schedule of a May and November delivery.

We make sure you won't receive more than 2 orders in a 6 month period by skipping the next scheduled delivery if required.

For example - if you place your initial order in April, we will ship that to you right away and then the May delivery would be skipped for that year. Your next automatic delivery for this scenario would be November.

How do I view my existing subscription?

Your subscription can be viewed at any time thorough the 'Manage Subscription' link.

This link is in your confirmation email from your subscription order and is also available if you login to your customer account portal.

You can create a customer account at any time and providing you use the same email to sign up as the one used to purchase your subscription, all of your details will be available to view in your customer portal.

How do I update my address or payment details?

If you login to your account (using the same email address used to purchase your subscription) you can update your address or payment details through the 'Manage Subscription' link.

This page also allows you to view your upcoming deliveries.

If you don't yet have an account you can create a new one - providing your email address is the same as used to purchase your subscription all of your details will be visible in your account portal.

What happens if an item in my subscription goes out of stock?

If a wine that is part of your selection goes out of stock we will automatically substitute for the next vintage (if bottled) - this might mean you receive a new vintage before anyone else has seen it - exciting!!

If we don't have a new vintage to substitute we will contact you to find out your preferred substitute.

We are endeavouring to be somewhat organised, and apart from vintage swaps, hope to minimise disruptions to your selections!

Can I change my wine selection?

Of course! We are more than happy for you to vary the selected wines each delivery.

If you would like to change the combination please send Skye an email skye@paralian.com.au and we will update your subscription selection for you anytime before the cutoff date (5 business days prior to the next shipment).

Is there a minimum commitment?

We do have a minimum of 1 year membership (two wine shipments).

If you would like to cancel after this time, please contact us to arrange.

How do I get discount on my other orders through the website once I become a member?

Your discount will come into effect once your wine club order is submitted. Anytime you visit our webpage and login the system will recognise you as a member and apply your discount automatically at the checkout. Too easy!!
If something isn't working, just let us know and we can sort it out ASAP for you.